Secure business file storage and sharing

Safe and contemporary centralized file management and storage solutions for collaboration. Apply for a free trial!

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How does it work?

Employee devices

File server in a datacenter

Mobile devices and clients

Benefits and advantages

Auto Synchronization
Elastic storage plans
Secure file storage
Previous file versions
Backup copies
Easy file sharing
Mobile applications
Access anywhere
Recover deleted files


You will setup app on the computers and mobile devices, which will do the file sync between your computer and server automatically. It takes only a couple of minutes!

Install app


Pick a folder to sync

Enjoy benefits of

Share with partners or clients

Making it easier for your employees to collaborate and doing backups, will help you save time and money!

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It is important to arrange file backups

Every year, most small businesses are faced with the loss of data, ending in disaster for business. Hardware defects or deterioration, users lose, delete or destroy the device with all the data. The most common ways of losing data:




Hardware failures

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